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An ally of Otter Brands sued the Sausalito City Council and the sponsors of the SPARC initiative so there is currently only one ballot initiative.  Please check back after August 24 for more information and updates.

Know the corporate backers to the Austin/Pearson initiative

Erich Pearson, the CEO of the cannabis company SPARC, is behind the second measure approved for the ballot. 

What's in the SPARC initiative?

The fine print of the SPARC initiative reveals a false buffer zone around schools and potential plans to bring cannabis cultivation (and the accompanying smell) to the Sausalito Waterfront.

Closer to schools and youth-centered locations

SPARC's proclaimed 1000 foot buffer zone is intentionally deceptive. The cannabis regulations defined by the State of California specify that the distance of cannabis businesses from Youth centered locations will be measured by the radius of a circle drawn between the two site’s property lines. The SPARC initiative rewrites these regulations for own their purposes.  By their own initiative’s calculation, the City will instead measure the distance between their storefront and schools as a “walking path” from front door to front door. They take great pains in the full ballot document to describe that the walking path can make a circuitous route around any buildings, objects or barriers, etc.. Using this measurement technique, a distance that was previously measured at 519 ft becomes over 1,000 feet! So the SPARC initiative touts that they are “increasing the distance allowed “ to schools, when in reality they are gaming the system and shortening the actual distance by changing calculation methods. The location proposed in their paperwork is less than the bare minimum distance from schools recommended by the State.


A provision for commercial cultivation

Concerning cannabis cultivation, the SPARC ballot measure states that after one year Sausalito will be able to allow cannabis to be grown and processed in large warehouses within City limits. These warehouses are known to emit foul odors which travel long distances, 24/7. Property values can be affected by this type of change in a neighborhood. We are opposed to big grow houses being allowed in Sausalito, especially in the warehouses at the waterfront.

What's NOT in the SPARC initiative?

  • No limits on youth friendly products beyond the minimum state standards

  • No potency limits

  • No restrictions on the sale of flavored vaping products 

  • No requirements for health warnings posted in stores OR handed out to customers

  • No traffic study required. SPARC stated that they expect at least 200 customers/day, the majority arriving between 4:30-7:30 pm, during a high traffic time when kids will also be traveling from sports activities in the area.

  • No efforts to mitigate the environmental impact of cannabis waste and impact on smoke-free air

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