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The Story

Once upon a time, in quiet Sausalito, a little otter arrived with Cannabis Storefront Plans, and, after a while, made friends with some townspeople.

otter .png

Then, when his Plans took a little while with the City, he turned sad. And mad. The otter schemed. He got lawyers (they sued the City! And they sued against a competing Cannabis measure!) and concocted a fuzzy 14-page ballot measure. He fooled citizens to gather signatures to get Measure K on the ballot. Alas, the fuzzy Measure K was not what many had hoped. It was monopolistic. And frighteningly, the City and townspeople would be unable to regulate anything, anything at all, about the business.


Oh No! Turns out the otter was a shark all along!

So the wise people of Sausalito voted No To Measure K, sent the shark back to where he came from, and together they went about making a better plan for their town.

​Otter Brands, LLC wrote Measure K to dictate our cannabis retail policy to suit them.
Vote NO so we can craft the right policy for our town.

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