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The Lawsuit

Otter Brands' lawyers sued the sponsors of a Marin City competing ballot measure as well as the Sausalito City Council, City Clerk, and Marin Registrar of Voters 

On August 12, 2022, a lawsuit by an Otter Brands ally against the City of Sausalito forced the removal of a ballot measure that would have competed with Measure K. 

While Otter Brands claims to be a friend of the City, they have shown that they will muscle their way to get what they want regardless of the cost to the city or residents. The actions by Otter Brands have cost Sausalito staff time and legal fees -- which is a sign of things to come and why residents should VOTE NO.


With no ballot competition, Sausalito residents are left with an initiative that, if passed, guarantees a license for Otter Brands and ties the hands of the City to regulate them.  

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