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Measure K is NOT what it seems to be...

Read the 14-page initiative for this measure and you find that the authors strip local control from Sausalito residents, evade oversight and regulation by elected officials and grant power solely to the cannabis corporation Otter Brands. 


We support a legal, fair, and regulated cannabis market. Measure K is NOT about that. 

Many of us voted to decriminalize and regulate cannabis with Prop 64 - this measure is not about that. It is a power grab by a cannabis company that didn’t get their way through the regular City process. Otter Brands became impatient and instead chose to place their business plan on our ballot. 

Otter Brands’ lawyers already sued Sausalito’s elected officials and staff and then threatened to sue again. Attorneys fees plus administrative staff time have been substantial. The City should be devoting its limited resources to other pressing issues. 


Measure K is severely flawed and any changes would require another costly ballot measure. Cannabis laws should be made by Sausalito’s elected City Council members, with public input, regulation, and public health and safety protections.


JOIN US in voting NO to K!

Measure K is not how Sausalito does business. We don't cut corners or push efforts that try to avoid meaningful public input. This initiative is bankrolled by a large cannabis corporation and it deserves a lot more public engagement. Please join me in voting No on K and sending this corporation back through a public planning process like any other business.

​Janelle Kellman, Mayor of Sausalito

Not ok

  • Cannabis industry dictating Sausalito laws - Not OK

  • A monopoly for Corporate Cannabis - Not OK

  • Takes away critical City control - Not OK

  • Only $50K/year guaranteed to Sausalito - Not OK

  • More traffic, less parking - Not OK

  • Flavored  vapes and “kid magnet” products - Not OK 

  • Cannabis store near schools and parks - Not OK 

  • Grow houses on the waterfront - Not OK

  • Lawsuits against the City - Not OK

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